The most contagious illness of the XXI's century

There are days like this, where I get flashes of awareness. And that day, entering the elevator, I realized the magnitude of the global epidemic... The most contagious disease of the 21st century! I speak seriously. But what illness am I talking about, hear you asking me ??

The answer is very simple ---> BUTTONS !!

Yes, all these electronic buttons, touch screens, wireless... designed to make life easier. But, without seeming to be, with their nice harmless design appearance, they become omnipresent, intrusing in our habits and they lull us, falling asleep, wasting electric energy, disconnecting us from our deep human nature. We become addicted and dependant. And I must admit that I am also seriously affected, ...OMG.

Since that day, I struggle to get rid of it, looking forward for alternatives:

- Regarding the elevator topic, each time before automatically pressing the call button, I ask myself the question "Do I really need it this time?". So I have made the resolution to leave it aside, when I do not have anything heavy or bulky to carry, I always climb up by the stairs! And by practicing this exercise on a daily basis, I almost forgot about the elevator and I build up myself.


Now it's your turn !! ;)

"Replacing sophisticated comfort with the effort of simplicity is good for health and the environment." Think about it!

To go further: I kindly make it clear to my neighbors that the stairs are not only to be used in case of emergency.

> Download the poster to print and stick on the elevator of your building.

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Felicidades amiga sin duda la simplicidad es la mejor opción

Posté par Harlen briquitte, le 04-01-2019

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