This is not a sex toy!

This unidentified alien object is the last thing I regret most in world to have bought ... It is a vibrating brush that should "clean the face thoroughly" it says. But really, I do not care that much you know the function of this waste. I expose it for the example in my gallery of horrors.

It is so crazy how the social pressure ("you have to start taking care of your skin at 25, is very serious" for example) and marketing can make us "need" those gadgets. This gadget especially, I saw it, I wanted it (I hesitated a long time to decide me, and of course I should have gone my way without turning back), and now that I have it, I do not know how to get rid of it because I do not use it or I force myself to use it sometimes to give me a good conscience. My dear planet, I'm sorry ... I will not do that any more, I promise.

So here, because the waste that is best recycled are those that have not been produced, I share with you my puchase guide, my "protocol" to consume LESS and BETTER. (Click here to find out)

I know that it is very annoying to see the store shelves full of products of poor environmental care... But never forget that YOU have the power to buy! And if you do not buy them, they will stop producing them.

And one last thing, avoid as much as possible batteries or electronic products, because they must be recharged, it consumes / pollutes seriously and it breaks down (not to mention the programmed obsolescence...), most of the time can not be repaired, and more I have noticed that we get tired faster than an "oldschool object".

> see my article on the subject "The most contagious disease of the XXIst century".

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Es bueno tomar conciencia amiga no te culpes, se cometen peores errores, estoy en la misma situación.

Posté par Harlen briquitte, le 04-01-2019

Tenemos que ser mas vigilentes en absoluto. Tambien lo que me enoja mucho es cuando crees comprar un producto de calidad con la idea que dure mucho tiempo, y al primer uso se descompone. (justo ayer me paso esto :@!!!)

Tout à fait d’accord 😉

Posté par Launay, le 01-01-2019

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