The real cost of hygienic pads (planet+wallet)

Between their first menstrual periods and menopause, women experience several hundred menstrual periods. Approximately more than 10,000 hygienic pads are used. And these products are expensive (for the wallet certainly, but also for the thousands of tons of waste that go into the trash and then end up in the nature).

At first glance, we do not necessarily pay attention because higienic pads are essential products and the budget is divided every month. But when you do the overall calculation, the result is huge.

To estimate what each has already spent in their lives on hygienic protection, the BBC website has made a calculator available here. It is enough to indicate your age and the one to which you have had your first menstruation to obtain the sum.

The observation? > With that money, we could have paid a nice holidays ticket... isn't true girls?

THEREFORE, think of the alternative choices that exist to spend less and take care of our lovely planet: personally I adopted reusable washable pads but you can also wear a menstrual cup, it seems to be great too.

For those who still hesitate: Leave aside your a priori like "it's dirty", motivate yourself to change your habits, & motivate your friends! (Regarding higienic pads, the first one I have tested was in white cotton, so of course after washing it does not come out so clean, but between us I do not care, it is not a fashion accessory eh! Then I bought the following in black. Today I am very satisfied and proud of my ecological action! On this point I will not go back, because it requires a minimal effort for a considerable positive impact.)

Who follows me ? :)

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