Greening the world in a few clicks, it's possible!

My dear readers, if like me you are more confortable in the "Internet bubble" than gardening, would you enjoy to plant trees all over the world in just a few minutes?

Today it is possible thanks to ECOSIA, a search engine that dedicates all of its benefits received via advertising, to plant trees in the globle regions that need it.

Please say goodbye to the monopoly of Google & Co. >> Add Ecosia today as your default search engine !! (available as a Chrome extension, on Android, and more+)

Modern, fun, fast and eco-friendly, it convinced me!

Just a little technical precision: for the planting tree counter to work, it is necessary to disable AdBlock on the homepage! Follow the guide...

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Que padre ya había escuchado del tema, 🙏

Posté par Harlen briquitte, le 04-01-2019

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