My zero waste shopping :
I'm who decide !
(not the bag...)

- Zero waste basics : I equip myself with fabric bags (bags for fruits and vegetables, bags for seeds, bag for bread, boxes for meat/fish, boxes for eggs ...) and/or I keep and reuse paper/plastic bags that I already have until its lifetime ends.

- In every kind of stores, I refuse packaged products as much as possible. I buy in bulk (as much as possible organic / eco-friendly, with local producers and seasonal products).

Tip: I always keep bags in my car in case I need to buy something unexpectedly.

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es interesante, todo empieza por uno mismo, excelente trabajo.

Posté par Ben hage, le 10-04-2019

A re-re-re-usar tus bolsas de tela amigo ! ;)

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