The vegan steak factory

I am neither carnivore or vegetarian and even less vegan.

My philosophy ? Eat healthy, balanced and creative.

My compost is filled up very quickly because I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I cook it all natural, without additives. No industrial cooked meal in my fridge. That's how I was educated and I feel so lucky not to have to put so much effort into adopting good habits.

I can eat absolutely everything, I like testing new experiences: crocodile in Cuba, snake in China, kangaroo in the school canteen ... to vary colors and flavors. Well, these are extras, ok, on everyday life I am a reasonable girl ;)

Vegan diet, let's talk about it:

I admire the 100% vegan activists and the people engaged to defend the animal cause and denounce the massive exploitation of the agro-food industry. I join them by trying my best to buy smart.

I am particularly interested in this subject since I live in Mexico. (Here, I do not even know how to describe the magnitude of the disaster = cultural development under the American influence of overconsumption + no waste treatment structure).

I no longer buy meat in supermarkets because they do not inspire confidence, I eat meat from time to time when I go to the restaurant or when I am invited to visit friends (because I find inappropriate to refuse a dish).

To go further, I found this book on vegan recipes and I love it for the originality of its combinations, because they are all raw materials adapted to my region (pineapple, avocado, here red bean steaks, etc.). And the advantage is that it's easy to add a fish fillet, an egg, or a real steak from time to time.

To summarize...

My basic rules:

• Prioritize your health before thinking of the planet. (The good news is that, in general, it goes hand in hand, what is good for our health is respectful of nature, but each person is different, with their own needs, so above all, before starting in veganism or other diet, be well informed not to fall short of nutrients [including the most important B12 vitamin !!])

• Do not fall into the extreme. (I find it absurd that the vegan diet also excludes honey, because for me, bees are essential to life on earth, and promoting honey is the way to protect bees. As my grandfather is a passionated beekeeper, I invite all vegan and non vegan to encourage responsible producers by consuming their honey.

• Do it for the right reasons, and above all enjoy it, these are the keys to long-term success!

Bon appetit !

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bravo, j\'adore ton blog et tes articles

Posté par Dominique Gay, le 03-05-2019

Merci Dom pour ton intérêt, des bises.

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