Tobacco taboo

Sometimes I come to wonder, what's more / better could I do to reduce my negative impact on the environment?

When I read this article I thought "wow, I'm already a super-woman just by the habit of not smoking, that is my super-power!"

And I realized that I do not necessarily need to do more, but to communicate more, to motivate people around me to adopt my best ways lifestyle !


"Because if smoking destroys health, tobacco farming requires lots of pesticides and deforestation, cigarette butts are polluting, and they represent considerable waste in the industry."​

Planetoscope Report: In the world, 4.3 trillion cigarette butts are thrown on the streets every year, that's 137,000 cigarette butts per second. On average, it takes 12 years for these butts to degrade completely (not to mention all the toxic substances they release, from the moment of their production until the moment of their disappearance). A real disaster for the environment and municipal budgets.

It only depends of you !

>>> I invite smokers to read this article which I hope it will convince you to stop smoking for everybody's quality of life, or at least makes you aware of your responsibility: before lighting a cigarette mechanically, please check first the presence of an ashtray and a rubbish bin, THANK YOU.

>>> I also invite non-smokers to help smokers get rid of this addiction, because I am aware that it is not easy to change bad habits.

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