Lisa Flicie portrait
Lisa Flicie ice mountain glacier

About me

Massage therapist, designer & poet,
model & photographer close to the nature,
sensitive to ecology and well-being,
I work successively in front and behind the lens.
A way to express every facets of my personality
and to inspire nowadays' humanity.
At least, all the people I thank for reading me,
and the ones that I will be lucky to meet
on my path of life.

To get to know me better
and you too contribute to the
environmental and social causes that I support,
I invite you to download my e-books
and to follow the news of my blog.

With love, Lisa Félicie.

If you want to contact me for a professional artistic project,
thank you to leave me a comment on the blog with your details.

My books

Availables as edition on demand,
directly delivered at your home (printed version) or
downloadable immediately (eco-friendly ebook version).

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«Everybody wants to save the planet,
but no one wants to get the garbage out »
Jean Yanne

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